CloudZone: Retail platform for multi-cloud/hybrid cloud as a service


Organization/user provisions for cloud space for services that include, virtual machine to software but user/organization has one to one relation with cloud provider, if they opt for multiple cloud provider, providers user management, access management requires to manage by themselves separately.

Moreover – it is on user/organization to look for best service offer at low price and requires specific skill to build cloud-native solution in low cost

The following concept, is a cloud orchestration platform where we manage everything for you in a multi-cloud environment having the following features

  • Search engine recommend low price among services that cloud provider provide
  • Build cloud native solution and offer as a service or user/organization provides the design we build for you
  • Offer domain as a service -that helps to build your business idea into cloud native service
  • Provide retail platform offer both consumer/wholesale customer to product portfolio in both multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environment or user can opt for specific service in this platform

Building block of the platform

Fig 1: Building Block of CloudZone


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